Fourth Season 2019 Summer Education Programs
Gilmour Academy, Gates Mills

String Quartet Intensive: June 3-23, 2019
Summer Academy: June 25-July 15, 2019

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"I wouldn't trade this experience for anything"

"The faculty at ENCORE were the most inspiring musicians I have ever worked with. I have never been to a festival where I became so close with the entire faculty, and I have never been so inspired or motivated like I was at ENCORE. It is truly a wonderful place and it taught me so much. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything." - Lana Auerbach '16


Summer Academy for Strings

String Quartet Intensive

Aaron Chan
Anishka Vogl
Anna Linder
April Chung
Benjamin Jackson
Brian Slawta
Bright Johnston
Calvin Alexander
Cameron Alan-Lee
Cher Liu
Clara Kim
Daniella Greene
Derek Song
Devin Cowan
Hila Dahari
Hsuan Chen
Ian Stripling Jenson
Isabelle Durrenberger
Isabelle Tickle
Jaewon Seo
Jennifer Gaffney
Jiyee Ahn
Joie Jamison
Julia Churchill
Julia Luyten
Justin Okumura
Kaeon Cho
Katie Rumin
Katrina Stroud
Laura Schilz
Lee Griffith
Lilyan Foulois
Micaela Murphy
Morgan Bennett
Nate Smith
Nicholas Alexander Vasilakopoulos-Kostopoulos
Owen Lockwood
Peter Shubart
Sam Barrett
Siwei Zhu
Spencer Adler
Stephanie Yoshida
Willem Luyten
Yu-Ming Andrew Ma
Yun Ting Huang

Aaron Chan (Cleveland Institute of Music)
Allison Smith (Shepherd School of Music at Rice University)
Amelia Korbitz (Downers Grove North High School)
Andre Plackis (Bowie High School)
Annika Bowers (Cleveland Institute of Music)
Brian Slawta (Cleveland Institute of Music)
Cameron Alan-Lee (Cleveland Institute of Music)
Esder Lee (Oberlin Conservatory)
Esther Kim (Juilliard School) 
Heimat Quartet (Quartet-in-Residence, John J. Cali School of Music)
     Patrick Shaughnessy
     Aubrey Holmes
     Ivan Mendoza
     Brendon Phelps
Isabelle Durrenberger (Cleveland Institute of Music)
Johnathan Wu (Cleveland Institute of Music)
Julian Seney (Colburn Academy/Verdug cademy)
Kyle Anderson (Bard College)
Micaela Murphy (Cleveland Institute of Music)
Morgan Bennett (Oberlin Conservatory)
Sarah McGuire (Franklin, TN)
Sherri Zhang (Cleveland Institute of Music)
Shiqi Yang (Oberlin Conservatory)
Spencer Adler (Dunham, North Carolina)
Steven Baloue (Merit School of Music)
Tate Zawadiuk (Colburn Conservatory)
Tess Krope (Cleveland Institute of Music)
Westmont String Quartet (Westmont College)
     Sierra Farrar     
     Erik Fauss
     Tim Beccue
Will Cayanan (Cleveland Institute of Music)
Yu-Ming Andrew Ma (Cleveland Institute of Music)
Yun ting Huang (Cleveland Institute of Music)