Student Life

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ENCORE Chamber Music’s summer intensive programs take place at the campus of Gilmour Academy.

About Gilmour Academy

As an accredited independent Catholic school in Northeast Ohio, Gilmour Academy is unique in their ability to teach the whole child. Students are prepared—not just academically but also personally and spiritually—to discover the person they’re called to be. Founded in 1946 by the Brothers of Holy Cross, Gilmour empowers students of all faiths to ask tough questions, think critically and grow spiritually. Through religious studies, social service and an emphasis on leadership, students from 18 months to 18 years emerge with a strong moral compass and sense of purpose, ready to apply their talents to making the world a more just and humane place. Gilmour's mission is to develop the competence to see and the courage to act in creating a more humane and just society. Most recently, Gilmour Academy became an all-Steinway school.